PHOTO GALLERY: Delray Beach Garlic Fest

We are about to get really serious for a minute … my name is Aimee, and I’m a garliholic. That’s right, I’m addicted to garlic. I consider it one of the major food groups. I add it to nearly every savory dish imaginable, as often as I can. Yet after sampling the unique fare at the 16th annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest, my mind was blown at the creative ways in which they featured these little cloves.

The outdoor festival offered an array of savory and sweet (yes we’ll get to those later) garlic-inspired dishes. We started out with the usual suspects — garlic curry chicken shish kabob platter and garlic conch fritters. While we adored the slightly spicy and perfectly charred flavors of the juicy chicken, we were disappointed to find the fritters, though extremely flavorful when dunked in the accompanying mustard-garlic sauce, seriously lacked in the meaty conch department.

Dubbed “The Best Stinkin’ Party in Town,” this lively fest packed in a plethora of local merchant vendors, live bands, carnival-style rides, cooking demos and free wine tasting (cheers to Cupcake Vineyards!). But for me, the highlight of the entire day came in the form of three words: garlic ice cream.

Yes, you read that correctly. I was flabbergasted at first, and then pleasantly surprised to find that I really like garlic ice cream. Sweet? Yes. Light yet creamy? Yes. Garlicky? Yes, in an incredibly subtle way. And at the end of the day, after my husband convinced me to ride the daunting Pharaohs Fury, I was especially thankful all of that garlicky goodness remained where it belonged, in my tummy.


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