PHOTO GALLERY: Eating Our Way through Key West


MY TOP 5 BITES IN KEY WEST (described in 3 words)!

Grouper Cheeks at Hogfish Bar & Grill

#5 – Grouper Cheeks: Crispy. Delicate. Tangy.

Hogfish Bar & Grill
6810 Front St., Stock Island


Caramel-rimmed banana bread beer and a Kiss Me Carolyn at Better Than Sex

#4 – Rim Job Drinks: Sweet. Bubbly. Sensual.

Better Than Sex
926 Simonton St., Key West


Boathouse Bread at the Commodore Waterfront Restaurant

#3 – Boathouse Bread: Aioli. Cheese. Carbs.

The Commodore Waterfront Restaurant
700 Front St., Key West


Hogfish in a beurre blanc sauce at BlackFin Bistro

#2 – Hogfish Special: Fresh. Simple. Buttery.

BlackFin Bistro
918 Duval St., Key West


Lobster benedict at Blue Heaven

#1 – Lobster Benedict: Rich. Succulent. Indulgent.

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas St., Key West


2 thoughts on “PHOTO GALLERY: Eating Our Way through Key West

  1. wow! looks delicious! I wish you and your brother would create a tv show that would help one plan vacations in different destinations. This would be so helpful and fun to watch! Pitch it to HGTV. I think the resorts would like it too. a win win for all. are you soon! love, auntie


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