Pit Stop: New River Groves

new river groves2

Bob Roth’s New River Groves
5660 Griffin Road

Since moving to Miami, my husband Kenny and I have reserved Sundays as our day of exploration. We’ve ventured as far south as Key Largo for paddleboarding, strolled along Miami Beach’s snazzy Lincoln Road, bar-hopped in laid-back Coconut Grove and basked in the sunshine along Key Biscayne’s pristine white-sand shoreline.

new river groves

Last weekend we were looking to go fishing, and so we booked it to Everglades Holiday Park, which is located west of Fort Lauderdale (just north of Miami), where we rented a jon boat for the afternoon. Along the way, we planned a breakfast pit stop while traveling west on Griffin Road (the park sits at the dead end of that same route) because we had heard great things about Bob Roth’s New River Groves roadside farmers market.

While I would consider the open-air market more of a Florida produce stand than a restaurant – think fresh coconuts, honey tangerines, homemade fudge and fruit jams – the place does house a quaint bakery dishing out pastries and coffee, complete with an adjacent seating area comprising high-top wooden tables.

new river groves3Among the Florida-grown goods New River produces (they also ship fruit all across the country), perhaps their best seller is “Terry’s famous homemade pies” – key lime to be exact. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a way to store one of the tart sweeties before heading home, but I’ve been fortunate enough to nibble on one of these beauties and they are definitely something to write home about. Note: I grew up in the Florida Keys and have eaten key lime pie my entire life. These babies might not boast the mile-high meringue some prefer, but they are packed with just-enough tartness and plenty of sugary goodness to go around. And at just $14, they are a serious steal!

new river groves4But back to what we were there for … breakfast. We wanted something light so we wouldn’t doze off while fishing, so Kenny and I split a medium (which was the size of a large) café con leche and a mammoth chocolate croissant. Although large in size, we were both underwhelmed by the sweetness of the croissant. Let’s just say there was a ton of chocolate going on but not so much sugar, plus the pastry teetered on the dry side. However, we drank every last sip of that delicious Cuban coffee.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be fair to judge this roadside joint on just a few bites, being as it has all the Florida kitsch, tons of locally-made fare and a plethora of gift ideas for those living out of state. Oh yeah, my friends and family better believe that come holiday time, they’ll most likely receive a special nugget from New River Groves – and they should be excited!



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