Peruvian Flavors: Pollos y Jarras

Pollos y Jarras

Pollos y Jarras
N.E. 3rd Ave.

Downtown Miami

We’ve lived in Miami for over a month now, and one of the greatest things I’ve come to enjoy about this city is its incredibly diverse population. I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful weather or the gorgeous beaches or the active nightlife (perhaps all three?), but people from all over the world live here, and the international influences are certainly reflected in Miami’s restaurant scene.

While exploring downtown Miami a few weeks back, Kenny and I decided to branch out with our taste buds a bit, and so we experienced one of our first authentic Peruvian meals at the lively Pollos y Jarras.

Pollos y Jarras2

After passing through the first floor of the place, which encapsulates an open kitchen brimming with intoxicating wafts of fresh seafood and rotisserie chicken, we rode an elevator to the second floor and were seated at a table overlooking the bustling downtown streets below. We couldn’t help but notice the vibrant poster wall art and flat screens airing live soccer games, which only added to the joint’s dynamic atmosphere.

Each meal at Pollos y Jarras comes with a complimentary Peruvian specialty soup, a small spicy green sip to kick off the gastronomic experience, as well as a selection of four house-made sauces, all of which range in spice level. Knowing that Peruvian cuisine is typically anchored in fresh ceviche, we ordered the Fish Ceviche Pucusana ($10.95), which was a large enough portion to share between the two of us, and boasted big, juicy chunks of marinated white fish mixed with lime juice, onions, cilantro and rocoto pepper.

Pollos y Jarras3

While the ceviche could have easily served as a main course, we opted to split the grilled chicken entrée, complete with two sides of our choice: crispy and flavorful fried yucca and Peruvian choclo, which are large-cut corn kernels that were pretty bland for our taste.

Pollos y Jarras4

The chicken was moist and we especially enjoyed the tasty chimichurri sauce dappled on top (we actually would have liked a bit more sauce), but we’ll admit to some serious order envy once we spotted the gorgeously browned rotisserie chicken that was delivered to our neighboring table.

Pollos y Jarras5

There’s no doubt we’ve been craving more Peruvian flavors since our visit to Pollos y Jarras, and with the numerous Latin American restaurants in the Brickell area, where we live, we plan to make our rounds in the near future.


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